Folk-cultural art

The regions of Bratislava and Trnava have a very rich folk culture preserved in unique folklore, traditional clothing, dances and songs and a varied selection of manufacturers of folk products. Living folklore is found in products made of ceramics, wood and other natural materials.

Renáta Hermysová

renata_hermysova_-_majolicaThe production of 200 types of products is focused mainly on traditional décors and shapes, thus preserving the cultural heritage of this region. We make colorful, blue, green and Haban majolica.

The Slovak folk majolica production tradition dates back to the 16th century when the Habans from Germany and Switzerland brought ceramics to the area of Western Slovakia.

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Mária and Oskar HANUSEK

hanusekSale and presentation of folk pottery.

Since 1986, we have been dedicated to the manufacture of decorative and functional folk reliefs, tiles, plates, figural plastics and souvenirs made from ceramics. The motifs relate to Slovak folk costumes and traditions, winery and religious themes.

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Peter Pollák

peter_pollakProduction of Holíč faience and faience dishes - bowls, clocks, butterflies made from ceramics.

The workshop currently produces a wide range of products, such as souvenirs, boxes, sweets boxes and bowls, along with vessels with plastic and relief decorations, intricate dinner sets and replicas of original products of Holíč.

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