Leisure-time activities

High-quality guesthouses, ranches with equestrian centres, reconstructed courtyards and farms offering homemade products and fish farms, all provide a wide range of rural tourism in the regions of Bratislava and Trnava.
Active relaxation in nature: trips, exploring interesting places, water sports, river floating and bicycle touring close to lakes and rivers in Záhorie, along the foothills of the Little Carpathians in the vineyard ambience with visits to traditional wine cellars and vineyards.

Guesthouse Adam


Agro-guesthouse with bio-farm.

Guesthouse Adam – a three-star guesthouse in the village of Podkylava, nestled among picturesque hills dotted with solitary cottages. The guesthouse was built with the support of European Union funds and opened its doors  in May 2006.

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etelka_home_farmProduction and sale of products direct from the farm: Goat milk, fresh cheese hrudka, yoghourt milk, homemade bread.

Our activities will be devoted to the production of cheese and other milk products and the related breeding of dairy animals, naturally accompanied by the production of eco poultry.

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Silver Lake Ranch Galanta

silver_lake_ranch_galantaWestern riding school, training of cattle disciplines, fishing combined with barbeque and grilling.

Silver Lake Ranch, not far from the bustling town of Galanta in Southern Slovakia, is an oasis of serenity. The pace of life is dictated by the animals that are bred there.

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Baťa Canal


Baťa Canal is a tourist waterway suitable for nice spending of interesting holiday or weekend. It offers possibilities for water tourism, bicycle touring and active relax.

Inland waterway Baťa Canal was built in the 1930´s as a project used for land irrigation. Baťa company owned a lignite mine (lignite = brown coal) in Ratiškovce and the waterway was used for fuel transport.

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euroraftingFloating down the Little Danube River and the Morava River. Whitewater rafting in Čuňovo.

Floating down the Little Danube River is one the most beautiful leisure time experiences in Slovakia. It’s suitable for beginners and families with kids. The nature on both banks of the river can be compared to a "jungle".

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Black Water Eco-park (Eco-park Čierna voda)

ecoparkA farm with exotic and farm animals, a great place for fishing, camping, rowing among huge water-lilies or just relaxing while enjoying fresh baked fish and potato pancakes.

In addition to the pleasant ambience created by craftsmanship, you can find a farm with exotic and farm animals, a place for fishing, camping, rowing among huge water-lilies or just relaxing with fresh baked fish and potato pancakes.

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