Currant wine of Devín (Devínsky ríbezlák)

Traditional local currant wine made of red and black currants.

The traditional, red and black currant wine made alongside Devín Castle and Devínska Kobyla has definitely been a part of Devín for many years. Many people still remember relexing in viechas in Devín (e.g. Mr. Heriban’s cellar), buying wine in small bottles under Devín Castle, the viecha in Karlova Ves and wine tasting in Obchodná Street. We are pleased that the Devín currant wine tradition has returned and that for the third consecutive year, the Devín cellars have welcomed vintners and wine lovers along the Little Carpathian Wine Route.


Address: Brigádnická 27, Bratislava
Mobile phone: +421 (0)905 672 945

Opening Hours:

14:00 - 20:00
14:00 - 20:00

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