Fedor Malík

Family-run winery offering wines from the Little Carpathians,  our vineyard and our small wine cellar.

At the Fedor Malík & syn. family winery, we offer wines from our vineyards and from our wine cellar. Thanks to our deep enological knowledge, our love of vineyards, an emphasis on clean technology and our use of a combination of traditional and modern approaches, we are able to produce specific wines, wines with the dimension of the Little Carpathians, full of minerals and pleasant aromas. Our wines offer you a touch of flowers, medlar, mulberries and even figs and kiwi, also grown in our garden. We hope that after visiting us our wines will always remind you of walks on the gentle hills around Modra which will give you a full understanding of our wine.


Address: Kalinčiakova 21, Modra
Website: http://www.fedormalik.sk
Email: obchod@fedormalik.sk
Mobile phone: +421 (0)903 587 447

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