Traditional Gastro

The traditional cuisine of the Bratislava and Trnava regions is a mix created by influences of various nationalities that settled in the cities of Bratislava and Trnava and their surroundings. This mix of hundreds of years pre-determined the uniqueness of the local cuisine. Restaurants offering quality combined with tradition represent the uniqueness of the region.


SesslerReconstructed malting-house, beer-house and restaurant dating back to the 18th century.

The history of Sessler stretches back to the 18th century. It originally started with beer production and later expanded to include malt production. Beer production was discontinued in the second half of the 19th century. In spite of different regimes in the 20th century, the malting house survived and strengthened its position in the market.

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Blue House (Modrý dom)

Blue HouseTraditional restaurant in Vajnory decorated with local folk costumes, embroideries and vaulted ceilings. It features an authentic cellar and offers a wide selection of typical Slovak meals.

Our restaurant offers relaxation in an ambience typical for the locality of Vajnory. Decorated with folk costumes of Vajnory, embroideries and vaulted ceilings, the restaurant features an authentic cellar.

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Goose feast at Válek

Goose feast at VálekThe restaurant offers goose feasts in a pleasant family ambience decorated with folk costumes and original paintings of Grob.

The very beginning of our family-run company goes back to the time just after  World War I, when our grandfather, Cyril Válek, as a war invalid, obtained a license to run a pub. He  founded the first pub in Slovenský Grob for locals to have fun and celebrate various events.

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Goose feast Monar

Goose feast MonarThe restaurant offers goose specialties and a wide variety of high-quality wine from the Little-Carpathian region.

We offer goose specialties and wide selection of high-quality, Little Carpathian wines  in the pleasant ambience of our restaurant.

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