Archive of activities


Message of Aristocratic Families in Central Europe

The project will promote and link together the stately homes of the noble families Esterhazy, Liechtenstein and Palffy

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Cycling in the Centrope region

The project is intended to prepare the project implementation documentation of the Eurovelo 13 cycling route

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Vineyard cycling route

Improvement of the quality of the cycling tourist and cycling transport infrastructure in the Slovak territory of the Centrope region

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Agritourism (rural tourism)

Support of agritourism in rural areas of the Bratislava and Trnava regions

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Centrope Capacity

The project is intended to create a multilateral, binding, and sustainable framework for cooperation of local and regional authorities, bodies, enterprises, and public institutions in the Central European region

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Dom Centrope

Institutionalization of cooperation and strengthening of cooperation management on the Slovak side of the multilateral initiative

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